The starting picture for Miami Vindication on iPod/iPhone/iPad/Android

Gangstar: Miami Vindication was the second gangstar game and was quite good. although West Coast Hustle could beat it on many frames of structure. The features: Bikes, Helicopters,Cars,Run tool and weapons.

The game is created by GAMELOFT in 2010. Since the successor of the Gangstar West Coast Hustle is this game, and makes a lot of fun when it becomes in gameplay. It features voice acting instead of West Coast Hustle's text dialogue. Graphics of West Coast Hustle is better than Miami Vindication, even the voice acting is lack of animations. Its characters is Johnny Gainsville (the main character), Betty, Joey, and LC of Gangstar West Coast Hustle who has connected the relations of Miami and West Coast Hustle. Also Roscoe, Vega (Victor Vega), Herman Kaye and other.

Missions was counted by gameloft by 75. It costs $6.99 in IoS platform, also in Android.